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For years, painful injections, surgery and addictive medications were the only solutions to treat moderate to severe pain. Today despite significant advancements in medicine, millions of patients still continue to suffer from painful and debilitating conditions throughout their bodies.

Welcome to a new generation of pain management. Welcome to Avicenna High Power Laser therapy!

Avicenna doctor’s utilize the world’s most powerful and advanced therapeutic laser to heal injured tissues, unlike traditional therapies, which many times only mask the symptoms while the degenerative process continues to progress. High Power Laser Therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive, pain and side effect free alternative to today’s traditional pain management pathways.

But how does it work? Avicenna’s Chief of Clinical Services, Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist, Dr. Joseph Costello and his colleagues have the answers.

Doctors all across the country are touting the benefits of High Power Laser Therapy and. here is what they have to say.

With just the simple passing of the high powered therapeutic laser beam over the affected area, patients begin to experience superior pain relief from a variety of acute and chronic conditions in as few as two to three visits. Results come from this revolutionary pain mangement modality’s ability to stimulate your body to heal at an accelerated rate.

The Avicenna High Power Therapeutic Laser can be found in hundreds of advanced medical practices across the United States. In fact, many professional sports teams also use the laser to help their athletes recover from injury at a much faster rate than conventional therapies.

Now you don’t have to be a celebrity or professional athlete to experience the world’s most advanced pain management solution.

Sit back and listen to just a few of the thousands of testimonials from patients with conditions just like you who have been successfully treated with the Avicenna Laser.

Make Avicenna, your first choice for pain management!

Avicenna Laser Therapy Doctor Testimonial:

The laser has many, many, many, beneficial effects. One of the beauties of the laser, is that there is no pain involved with getting this. If somebody has aversions against needles, and much of the work we do involves injections, the laser can give you relief. No needles. No pain involved in the treatment, relief of pain.

Avicenna Laser Therapy Doctor Testimonial:

My patients deserve the same treatment options that are offered to professional athletics. Now with the Avicenna 12W laser, I’m able to do that. Conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, neuromas and painful diabetic neuropathy can be treated safe, effectively and side effect free. The unique property of High Powered laser therapy is its ability to heal damaged tissue.

Avicenna Laser Therapy Doctor Testimonial:

Hello, my name is Dr. Raymond Maimine. I’m a podiatrist and have been in practice for over 30 years. I’m board certified in Surgery and a fellow of the American college of foot and ankle surgeons. I’d like to take a minute to talk about one of the biggest advancements that I have seen since being in practice. That is the Avicenna High Powered therapeutic laser. Imagine a treatment that not only reduces pain and inflammation, but also actually helps your body to heal itself. Conditions such as neuropathy, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, ankle sprains and more, can now be treated safely without any side effects. Talk to your podiatrist or health care provider today and see how the Avicenna High Powered Laser can be the answer you have been looking for, just as its been for countless other people.

Avicenna Laser Therapy Professional Testimonial:

These laser devices keep many of them health, help them rejuvenate more quickly from injuries. It has put us in a position where players are back on the field performing more quickly and it has helped us win some ballgames this year.

Avicenna Laser Therapy Professional Athlete Testimonial:

I am one of those quality of life guys. I played baseball for, almost, well, over 20 years. What I found was that a lot of times you try to do preventive types of things. But when I first started playing, everything was corrective. And to me Avicenna give you a little bit of both. I think it is almost the perfect world if you can find a place like Avicenna that can do both preventive and corrective. The laser is pain free, and in a matter of 2 or 3 treatments, all of the sudden you get the relief that you need to have.

Avicenna Laser Therapy Neuropathy Pain Relief Testimonial:

I started with neuropathy about 2 years ago. I cannot begin to explain the pain that came along with this condition. My life became hard to manage and I couldn’t do simple things like walk my dog or more importantly, take care of myself. It was absolutely horrible! But everyone says there just isn’t anything you can do except take pills to relieve your situation. After the first session I noticed a great difference and thought, “Oh, this might work!” I finished the program with several sessions. I said, “Gee, I’ve lived the world.” I just cannot tell you how fine I feel now. I walk all over, I walk my dog, I do all chores and so forth. I feel as if I am a human being.

Avicenna Laser Therapy Chronic Back Pain Relief Testimonial:

I have two herniated discs in my lower back and I’ve suffered from neck and shoulder pain for more than 10 years. I’ve had 10-12 laser treatments and I feel much better now. The pain in the lower back is completely gone, and there is no more pain in the legs. I can really move pretty good. I had all those shots, medication, cortisone—I was taking pain killers. I went to physiotherapy and all kinds of things. I was trying everything. I was so close to having this operation and I then found out about Avicenna Laser. It’s just a new life. A perfect life. I get up in the morning and I have no pain at all!

Avicenna Laser Therapy Chronic Pain Relief Testimonial:

I’ve been in pain since my late 20s. When I had my third child I feel down the stairs. In order to protect my unborn child I protected my stomach and bounced down the stairs and broke my tailbone. I’ve had pain ever since. I’ve com in 3 times a week and this is my 4th week. I only have a few more treatments left and I am pain free. The first 2 weeks I felt a little tingling. I wasn’t as quite as pain free as I thought I was going to be, and I started wondering if this was going to work. And in the 3rd week I got up one morning and there was no pain! I could hardly believe it and I’ve been pain free since.

Avicenna Laser Therapy Neuropathy Pain Relief Patient Testimonial:

I’m 86 years young and basically in good health, however I have had pain in my feet fro 30 years . After searching for doctors up in New York and all of them saying that there was nothing they could do for me, I was pretty much left with having to “deal” with the pain. Now, I have to tell you, “it’s almost like magic!” I figure that after the 3rd treatment I had gotten back about 50 to 70% of my ability to do things with my feet. My balance had improved by 70%. I no longer had to hesitate when I stood up, I feel comfortable, and my fear of falling has almost evaporated.

Avicenna Laser Therapy Neuropathy Pain Relief Patient Testimonial:

I became a diabetic 40 years ago. I am now 79 years old. I’ve suffered for the last 15 years with Neuropathy, and the last 6 with Restless Leg Syndrome. By the 10th treatment I was 60% better. I’m on my feet, I do almost anything I want to do. The pain is gone and I’ve stopped the medication for the Restless Leg Syndrome. I advise people to take this treatment. It is well worth it!

Laser Therapy Education

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Patient Testimonials

"I have to tell's almost like magic! More than 30 years of chronic neuropathy pain is gone."

Alan M.

"It has been a miracle. Thank you for this laser. It has changed my life from a semi-invalid to a 74-year-old who is exercising and on the go 10 hours a day."

Joan C.

"I had been suffering with pain due to neuropathy for more than 2 years. After just a few treatments I was able to walk without a cane. When the treatment regime was finished I was totally free of symptoms."

Mike H.

"After only three weeks, the pain and numbness were gone! What I liked most was the treatments were pain free and now I don't have to take any dangerous drugs to manage my pain. It was a great feeling to get off pain medications."

Talia D.

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They wanted to share their stories with you so you can learn about how Avicenna Laser Therapy ended their chronic pain. And we would love to see if we can help you end yours.

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